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Senior Scientist in Cell Biology

Lead projects focusing on genetics, lipofection, and RNA therapy to advance our aging and regenerative medicine goals. Requires 5+ years of experience with expertise in genetic engineering and cellular reprogramming.

Senior Scientist in Bioinformatics

Develop and apply bioinformatics, ML, and AI tools for analyzing genomic data related to aging and gene therapy. Must have proficiency in Python and R, with 5+ years of relevant experience.

Laboratory Technician

Support research activities by maintaining lab equipment, preparing samples, and conducting experiments. Requires 2+ years of lab experience and knowledge of molecular biology techniques.

Operations Admin

Manage daily administrative tasks, coordinate schedules, and support project logistics. Requires strong organizational skills and experience in office administration.

Machine Learning Scientist

Develop AI models to analyze biological data and optimize therapeutic development. Must have expertise in machine learning algorithms and 3+ years of relevant experience.

Project Manager

Oversee research projects from conception to completion, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to budgets. Requires excellent project management skills and 5+ years of experience in biotech or related fields.
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